Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 9, 2008

Corrosion Management in IR assets

By Ms Bijayani Panda For a change, a female speaker for the first time in the three conventions. Degradation and degeneration of materials due to corrosion Corrosion of coaches, rails, etc  Field surveys on 52kg/m rails at BZA and VSKP on the conventional carbon manganese steel rails

IITK has developed low corrosion rails

Corrosion can be checked at common points like guage face and non guage face, also on ties and clips of the rails.

New rolled rails done with help of Bhilai steel plant and IITK

Coal zinc coating found to be better



  1. Is there any way in which rail wear due to wheel slip can be controlled from the rail point of view? Ex-Harder rails or different compositions of materials which resist pitting by wheels

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