Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 9, 2008

Crack detection in rails

Talk by Prof N N Kishore

Crack detection using EMAT tech

Defects can be transverse, head, etc

Vertical transverse flaws or kidney defects.

Cracks can also be vertical or guage face.

Common methods to find the defects

Ultra sonic pulse echo tech

Single and double rail testers for fish plated tracks

Equipped with multiple probes

EMAT: Electro magnetic acoustic transducer

Advantages: Contact less, versatile, reliable, survive hostile environments

Various wave modes patterns are obtained and deciphered.

Longitudinal, shear horizontal, rayleigh, shear vertical and angle beam waves.

Lorentz and magnetostriction forces.

Numerical mod of wave propagations done. Animations created.

Defect detection using angle probes on natural defects which are not easily visible.

Guided wave probes and their capabilities

Reflection from end of hole

Tata victa modified to run on rails fitted with this tech might be able to check about 50km an hour.

Makes the job of permanent way inspectors.

Can detect in non contact mode also.

Use FEA software like Abacus to decipher the data.

Quite a bit of discussions with the railfans on the tech


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