Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 9, 2008

Overview of RDSO

Mr Srivastava, ED, Research, RDSO talks to us about the various activities of the organisation.

Its official. In a couple of years the WDP4 will have a dual cab.

Crashworthy coaches coming up.

New design coupling being designed.

12000 hp loco for DFC being designed.

32.5t PSC sleepers for DFC.

New tech for well type wagons for double stacking containers in freight corridor.

Various improvements in geo-synthetic tech.

Online asset monitoring. GPS, RFID tags for tracking assets like loco and rolling stock.

Wheel impact load detector, bogie monitoring and hot box detectors for wayside detection.

Static asset management for OHE and track, bridges, etc.

Scour monitoring using Time Domain Reflectometry.

Satellite imaging for Rail monitoring. Continuous and safe system for working.

Projects are onway for all these development.



  1. Wow…dual cabs for the DP 4. Would look awesome!

  2. Any news on 3 phase loco improvements and automation in train control

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