Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 9, 2008

Panel discussion on Diesel and Electric Tracion technologies

Shubranshu says:

We are sensitive about three things. religion, reservation and electrification.

 Spurious facts in favour of electric being shown.

Strategic reasons have been put forth by the finance dept reports for supporting electrification. Many of these are downright funny, if not idiotic!!!

Too many points.. u needed to be here to enjoy this!

As if to prove the point in favour of diesels, the overhead projector at the venue overheats and has tripped. (Will be back in sometime) !!!

Shubhranshu talks about the cost factors, working profits, enviro issues, hauling, carbon credits and need for number of locos in relation to D vs E.

Apu, S Srinivas and Ravi Sunderrajan are being quite vocal.

The double stacking of containers is not possible with electric traction.

Lots of operational issues.

Shubranshu is giving excellent rejoinders to the points being raised by the electric fans.

Sachin Sharma (Sr DME, TKD shed) joins in

Comes up with statistics.

TKD shed will now call its WDM3Ds as Cheetah

WDG4 is the only loco which can start a loaded 58 BOXN at 1 in 100 gradient.

Electric Block costs for maintenance is a staggering 16crores a month in DLI division alone!! Unbelievable.

50-50 Diesel-CNG being planned. Approx 50cr worth savings. Performance is also similar to plain diesel. Lesser pollution.

Mr Anirudh Gautam now on stage joining the discussion.

Folks.. just a reminder.. this is not the same old regular D Vs E debate which has both ends fuming red hot.. this is more of a technical illustration of the issue, bringing out both positive and negative points of both.. and that brings us closer to a sensible thought on the issue.

Not surprisingly, tempers are pretty cool and not adding to global warming!!

Talks about bio-diesel, its costs and ramifications.

 Mr S Srinivas of SBC asks for 2 minutes of time to sum up!



  1. Long live Diesels !!

  2. Well – what do I say? Just sitting here and sobbing my heart out for missing out all the action. Guys, tuck into some great dinner – there’s more to be done tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, hats off to Prof Sanghi for pulling it off – SBC or CSTM (MCT?) you have your task cut out next year. Plan to sit through the entire session tomorrow on the blog. To hell with bandwidth consumption and telephone bills 🙂

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