Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 9, 2008

Possibilities of Fog vision

By Utpal Das

Not many systems available in the world

Fog properties are not too well known

Loco pilot needs to be given better options in winter fog

Singapore metro has a system, but that is only for the underground.

RDSO started a trial to be able to see past 4-400m

Thermal and infrared cams not very good over a certain distance.

Laser Fence acts as a laser radar detects intrusion upto a resolution of 1metre

 Laser should be of sufficient high power so that it is effective, but not high enough to damage the eyes of the viewer. 1.55micron wavelength radars chosen.

Laser based has advantages over Thermal

Mechanism of scanning and detection illustrated.

LP will see the images on a modular on his control panel.

Performance parameters explained

1550nm and SANTEC TSL-210F Tunable Laser

Transmission factor T= 0.05 as threshold value, similar to Aircraft runway vision.

Stability of fog. Fog visibility as a function of time.


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