Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 9, 2008

The End Talk for the day

Jaideep’s Model Train

Poochi Venkat’s photo exhibition on his awesome snaps.

We will try to answer a few of the questions posted by you all overnight after chatting with the experts! So, hang on..

With that we end the first day blog live from CNB 2008. After these sessions, we would be heading for some sumptous dinner and even more masala talk!! Also, did I mention that we had some “too good” lunch? The rajma was out of the world and Malai Makhan dessert was worth the world. Atleast for that, CNB should be given another shot at 2009 !! 😉

The wifi net connection did give me quite some trouble during the early part of the day and I had to blog using GPRS on my mobile phone!! My thumb just went numb. Hopefully, u did not detect the difference.

Happy reading and hope to see u all tomorrow for an even better day of railfanning!

This is Vrij signing off for the day. C Ya !!


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