Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

And the Poll Winner is

The 2009 IRFCA Convention will be hosted by…..


VSP Sir makes the much awaited announcement!!!

Dr Dheeraj Sanghi makes a final presentation..



  1. COME ON SBC 😀

  2. Ye ye…SBC won 🙂 !!!!!

  3. great going SBC keep it up

  4. AWESOME!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    im coming by the KK…..Pwana…now we’re allies again 😛
    please treat me well 😉

  5. i hear roaring in CNB which is heard till SC . Great going and superb blogging by vrij and others

  6. Yes great blogging….now can we have the name of the winner of the scrapping?
    Sridhar, moi, Pawan or Mamu?

  7. Great job, Vrij and Ranga….Sid you did not even get my name right!!! 😦 No, we are not allies!! And great job, Mumbai gang…tough luck this time but yes surely you will be third time lucky!

  8. PAWAN! Dude my key board sucks! No offence to you at all! I can never spell your name wrong with a normal keyboard 😛

  9. Well, better not… 😛 Once again hats off to Dr. Sanghi and everyone else for making the convention a great success!

  10. Wonderful to be in SBC next year. I have already registered with Srini. Pawan, put my name in every list that you make for SBC committees. Sid, I will be there to receive you by KK, and you can ask Shanx to bring you your ‘scrapping’ prize 🙂

    I sign off for the moment. Catch ya guys later.

    Thanks the Blog Presenters for a wonderful show – and Dheeraj for a highly successful CNB2008.

    Looking forward to seeing you all at THE TATA INDICOM IRFCA CONVENTION SBC2009 🙂

  11. I shall see u in mas in april sridhar! And then we’ll go to sbc 😀 bye bye! WAY TO GO CNB…..GOOD LUCK SBC……BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME MUMBAI! 😀

  12. I follow Sridhar in registering for SBC2009…

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