Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

Bangalore Division

Hello and a warm welcome to you all to day 2 of CNB-2008

Day 2 begins with presentation by S. Srnivas

Originating earning of SBC division show more passenger earning than Freight.

Line capacity utilisation for various sections (14 of them )was shown

Goods trafic is 1.4Million ton outward. It includes containers, automobiles, etc

Originating loading was 1410,000 tons in 06-07

VPH parcel services to Bhopal, HWH, NGC, NDLS and BRC

39crores was the earning from parcel service for 06-07

Personnel : 11400 sanctioed posts in SWR. Operating with 20% less manpower

Salary 34%, Fuel Cost 43% and 23% Repair & Maintainence is the breakup of expenses.

Engineering: All sections have got 52KG rails, Track Geometry Index is 99.76%, Local Crossing total 435, 136 major bridges, and 1 tunnel.

KJM diesel Shed details.

Major projects in SBC division.

New facilities in SBC station.

10lakh litre water recycling plant.

Video enquiry at YPR, with the agent sitting at SBC !! Thats cool.

Wow.. YPR is getting a facelift. So is Bangalore Cantt and even Mandya.

New buildings at Hindupur, Dharmapuri, Yelahanka, Whitefield.

Model Station at Hosur. Thats a cool place for railfanning. Diesel paradise with some grades.

Proposals for increase in speeds in all sections and points to 30kmph


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