Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

Bhor Ghats ..

By Dr Shirish Yande

The Great Khandala Borghat…

A great start with a video of the Old Shatabdi express at Kamshet at the ‘Mile sur’ location. A WCG2 at the helm.

A schematic map of the Bhor.

Brake testing at Monkey Hill. And Nagnath.

1800ft ascent, 28kms, 55-80kmph speed, built in 1860s.

52 tunnels totally. Dn line 24, central 20, up 7.

Ruling grade 1:37

Video of Tunnel 25C to Monkey Hill. A view of the reversing stn seen. Arriving to the Monkey Hill brake testing halt.. can hear the screeching of brakes as the train grinds to a halt.

WCM-1 in ambulance livery with the Deccan Queen.

A 1940s snap of the Deccan Queen with WCP-1 #4000 approaching MHC

A diagram of Speed Sensing device at Monkey Hill.

Catch siding at MHC bifurcation had a Spring Point which directs by default to the catch siding. A short vid of the bifurcation.

Vid thru Palasdhari. Snaps at Nagnath/Thakurwadi/Karjat-Panvel line.

A video of train passing Karjat Station.

Another short note: All updates at this blog happening at a max delay of 2 minutes. We are almost live… u cant even call this delayed live.. its just transmission delay!!



  1. Wow! Lovely memories of good ol’ WCG2s and the Bhor Ghat! Thanks for the efforts put in by Vrij and Ranga for the blog….so nice to read the updates as they happen!

  2. Just out of lunch – drumstick sambar, mysore rasam, okra curry, mutter and peanuts masala, onion pakoras, and of course, the compulsory Thair saadham…….and this blog, of course. Heavenly 🙂

  3. Is there a prize for the most number of comments made on this blog? I hope Vrij and Ranga are also tuned in to the comments and getting the fortunate few there to understand how we all feel about this convention, blog et al!

  4. Yes sir, absolutely right sitting in SC i am imagining the auditorium the thunderous cheering and total railway atmosphere present there right now. Once again a big hello to all fellow IRFCA members whom i have meet and whom i did not meet…

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