Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

Development of Tourism on DHR

By Ms Ashima Mehrotra, AGM/Tourism/IRCTC

Just b4 we start.. post ur questions to her as comments.. we’ll ask and get back 2 u all..

By the way, IRCTC has extended a sponsorship of Rs 50K to CNB2008 !! Thats tres cool!

Aims & strengths of IRCTC.

Popular portal..

Buddhist Circuit Trains/Bharat Darshan/ Rail Tour packages/Steam n Hill Charters/Luxury trains/Budget Hotels/Hotel Bookings/Car rentals.

DHR: Endangered World heritage site.

Terms DHR as the first and most outstanding example of a Hill passenger railway!

Rail tour packages to include Sleeper/AC journeys, hotel accomo, road transfers, catering, etc.

Existing rail packages, Charters and joy ride details.

For the dedicated commentators: We are noting all ur comments.. and maybe we’ll have a prize for the max comments.. so folks.. get going.. just a request to all.. I dont want the prize to go to one Mr J of MAS.. so folks.. try to beat him to it 😉

Thanx due to everyone who have commented here and appreciated our efforts.. its all for u folks!

Track Side Venting also being introduced.

Comprehensive packages for international packages, children, local tourists, etc.

Tea Train/ Nature Trail/ Heritage Trail/Forest Trail.

Forest trail is an 18km walk from Kurseong stn.. 1 full day trek.

Details of the other trails too..

Proposed activities.. Food plaza, curio shops, Combo of charters and trails, value addition on trains!

Marketing channels: Network of GSA, tourism centres, call centres, website.

Stakeholders: Locals, Hotel/estate owners, Forest Dept, Govt of WB, etc

Assistance required for: Seat blocking on existing trains, mandate for TSV, permission for activity tourism, Developemnt of Batasia as picnic spot, involvement of stake holders.



  1. Just in a local telugu daily eenadu has printed a snippet on CNB 2008

  2. Here is the article image uploaded on flickr it is Telugu though.

  3. Sponsorship – IITK pulling off what Pune and MAS could not do! Great.

    The Tata Indicom SBC2009 Calling next?

  4. Is steam a regular feature on DHR or only available on charter ?

    Sincere thanks to IRCTC for their gesture…

  5. Oy I was out the whole day getting my toe fixed….so i need some compensation! You listening to this Vrij?

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