Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

East bound !

A presentation on Chinese Railways by Mr R C Acharya, retd member, Rly Board.

We have just joined back after a nice round of chai kaapi !

Cool stations in China

Escalators and airline style screening of baggage.

Large swanky waiting halls.

Boarding procedures similar to airports, with check-ins, etc.

Some very high speed ‘Orienting’ videos.. somehow that charecter that is so much a part of our good old IR seems to be missing.

One thing that strikes us is large moving spaces on the platforms and concourses.

Swanky alrite, but I prefer the clattering of our trains!

Video of the Maglev. 30kms in 8 mins! Fully computerised monitering station for the Maglev. Reaches 430kmph max.. plain speeeeeed.. speed indicators present in the passenger coaches also.

View of the loco manufacturing plant. Digitised plant. Totally AC plant. All PSU plants in China have been privatised 3yrs back!

Just a small note here: Keep refreshing the page every few minutes for updates! Hope u folks are having fun.. we miss all those who could not make it 2 CNB2008!



  1. let just hope the joy of rail fanning does not disappear with these measures

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