Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

Final 2 Rounds

3 teams will be eliminated at this stage.

F86 B51 C34 E32 A30 D4.  So bye to E, A, D teams.

Round 5.

1. How did the term ‘Slip Coaches’ come into existance?

2. What is the name given to the contraption in the snap.

3. What does V notch at end of semaphore signal signify?

Round 6: Final round

1. MG train approaching a signal before a bride. What additional feature is seen?

2. BEML began building coaches in 70s after the coach building business was hived off from another PSU. Which PSU was that?

3. Connect 3 snaps in the slide..


And the winners will be declared after a short tea break!



  1. The “Mastermind” is still there – there may be surprises in store, Apu and Samit – just keep the lead. May the best team win!

  2. Apurva and PVS have become permanent fixtures in Convention Quiz Final rounds.

  3. PVS hold up SC chapter pride hahahahaha

  4. Why is your tea break taking so loooooooooong? Having multiple cups of chai?

  5. Quiz winners please……

  6. Oy Vrij… so ingrossed in the quiz or you eating something? Jaldi winner annmounce karo yaar! I’m rooting for Apu and Samit! 🙂

  7. Whoops 2 typos – ingrossed = engrossed, annmounce = announce

  8. Lets’ have the winners names please 🙂

  9. When is the announcment gonna take place?? :O

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