Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

Himsagar – Journey of a lifetime !

By Moro & Shanx

Udhampur was the start.

Then to Jammu > Delhi > Bareilly > Jabalpur.

JBP > ET in Patna-Purna exp.

ET > Chindwara > NGP > MMR

MMR> Pune


9 days, 5662kms, 3 guages, 9 zones, 21 divisions, 11 states.

35litres of beer, 41 litres of water.

A video presentation of the same..

Video still on! Amazing..

VSP, Sachin, Old Man join them on the way!

So the two have finally reached CAPE!

Sridhar ur vote has not yet come in. SMS it 2 Ranga, just in case.

One vote per person!

Suspense still in place for winners of quiz and the bid.. keep the votes coming in.



  1. Cant do the train journey, cant be at the presentation, cant see the trip reports 🙂 I feel like a condemned loco, rusting at the even more rusty sidings 🙂

  2. What??????/ Just the name is NOT enough! Have some pity on the ones who could not make it and pleaseeeeee post some snippits! I beg you doc!! 😥

  3. Ok you’ve already done it. Ignore the previous scrap 😉

  4. Very bad – Water outscoring the beer? Very unlike Shanx and Bharath 🙂

  5. Haven’t you counted the puris 🙂

  6. Sid, SCRAP? 🙂 This is what will happen if you do too much of Orkuttting!

  7. Just 35 ls of beer? These guys are getting old 😀 Its our time now!

  8. Pawan….my bad but this is also called scrapping 😉

  9. Shanx, pleeeeeeeease send the CD through one of the MAS Gang. MAS Gangmen, please collect the CD from Colin and Shanx

  10. one copy for SC by bharath also please

  11. Hmmm..Video!! Better get hold of the DVDs! Cos the videos are whats there in them!

  12. Can i get a copy too please. Vrij has my vote come in?

  13. Just repeated the vote to Ranga.

  14. See if Ranga is there too – at the fag end of the trip – he is lucky if he can fit into one frame 🙂

  15. I was there too – in a rather convoluted way – I met Shanx and Bharath on their return by the Ananthapuri at TBM – oh! what a wonderful Pongal Vada and Puri at Vasantha Bhavan – TBM !

  16. Sridhar….stop this food talk…its making me hungry! You just cant fill up anything to win the prize! 😀

  17. ….and another thing….i keep meeting shanx…..and bharath whenever he comes here….how often do u meet the both of them at regular intervals? 😉

    this is a bonus for me to win this game 😀
    no offence sridhar!

  18. I am just filling up the plates – just walk down and get yourself a pizza – that will make me an outright winner 🙂

  19. BTW, has Pawan given up – or are you guys in this together?

  20. I meet Bharath and Shanx whenever they are here too 🙂

  21. but shanx lives in the same area as i do! so i meet him often 😀 haha!

  22. I think the Blogpresenter has pitched me against Sid and dozed off – come on, wake up Vrij / Ranga 🙂

  23. No ways, I am still in. And counting…yes Sid and me are in this together:;….Sridhar the game is still on:)

  24. Vrij? Whos winning so far?

  25. Hey every man for himself! No joining forces, no allies! 😀 Sorry Pawan!

  26. Ranga, who’s winning so far? 🙂

  27. Vrij/Ranga sir….whos winning? 😀

  28. Pawan, what is the count ? Pawan + Sid = Sridhar yet?

  29. I asked about who’s winning the comments contest? Not the SBC v BCT 🙂

  30. No response from the presenters! Hmm, Sid thats really bad of you. No special treatment IF you come to SBC 😛

  31. Pawan, we are only 362 kms apart, and yet you side with somebody who shrugs you off from more than 2000 kms apart 🙂

  32. Well no special treatment for any one you if u come to ndls 😛 and i guess the score is sridhar+pawan = sid the scrap god 😀

  33. Reached Cape with Ranga?

  34. Kms do no matter. Its the heart that matters :p
    Sentimental yes, but im willing to go to any ways to get this prize of mine 😀

  35. Good Sid. Bask in the glory!

  36. The way the three of us are going on and on…i wonder if the blog presenters are even bothering checking since they are ENJOYING THEMSELVES AT CNB :@

  37. Hey Sridhar…you cant try rever psychology on me 😛

  38. *reverse…
    btw….i keep getting this msg saying im typing too many comments….so thats a clear cut sign that im in the lead 😀

  39. Well, would not even be possible to count your comments on the number of other topics….so if we start adding them, then we surely know who will win…so better to fight it here 🙂 Well, no taking stands now….Sridhar, better book your tickets for 2007/2008 for next year, just in case SBC wins! (Let’s ask Laloo to give us special permission to book a year in advance!)

  40. Pawan – I am coming in by 2657 at least two days in advance to lend you guys a hand 🙂

  41. Sid, I am in here for real commenting – the war with you is just an aside – the prize is yours 🙂


    And im catching the KK from NDLS (if im still here that is)!

  43. Seriously, why the suspense still – who’s won the vote and the quiz? The Blog Presenter zzzzzzzzzzz……..please wake up.

  44. Hail SBC and Hail Apu and Samit 🙂

  45. Vrij/Ranga…. i would never say anything like how sridhar said (wake up from the sleep)…..i know its a tough job to keep giving the updates…so take ur time….and please give me the prize too 😛 😀

  46. Congrats to Srini, Colin and Ravi for a great win. It looks like it will be surely third time lucky for Mumbai .

  47. Sridhar…welcome to SBC. 2657 would have a WAP 7 by then? 😛

  48. Better luck next time Mumbai gang! 🙂

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