Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

India and the Neighbouring Railways

By Ajai Banerjee

Lines in Pakistan. Approach from IR. A view of a map extracted from the 90s.

Scan from the 2007 NR TT.

How to reach from Rajasthan.. via Munabao.

Scans from WRTT as well as from Pakistan Railways TT.

Extracts from the 1944 Bradshaw showing the routes/connections/ timings at that time.  

Points about Indo-Pak trains. Thar express.

A brief look on Indo-bangladesh trains.

A very recent map of  Bangla railways. 

Great Presentation on the neighbour railways! 

Note to all: Get urself all geared up for two events for the non-attendees.

1. Get a chance to crack the Quiz !

2. A chance to vote for the next convention venue. We will have an SMS voting for non-attendees in late afternoon. Keep viewing this blog for further details.

Let us know what u feel about the blog and the sessions.. let ur comments come in. We want u folks to join in too.. dont think let-out of the fun happening at IITK!!



  1. Hi guys,

    Great stuff going on there. Really wish I could have been a part of the proceedings. All the very best for the remaining sessions and everyone participating in the quiz. It was really nice to note the technical sessions that were held yesterday, and heartening so see so much research on the technicalities in IR!

    Thanks for the SMS voting for next year’s convention and waiting to see what the quiz throws up!

    Congrats Dheeraj and everyone else who is contributing to make this convention a great success.!

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