Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

Logistics boom and changing face of Indian Railways – Anamitra Ghatak



Logistics boom and IR

SME – customers

Industry requirements from IR

Operational Trendz of freight movements

Roadways took a share of freight load : GQ of national highways

Emergence of Organised retail.

Vertical Integration by Industry players. NTPC owns hopper, ACC owns special cement rakes.

SMEs: The nextgen evolving customers. Govt projects 4digit growth pattern.

Efficient transport system is an integral part of economy development.

Priority of Hot links b/w industry site <–> Port

Solution: Hub-n-spoke model

Quite detailed explanations of how Hub2hub and hub2industry solutions

Future: BG rails are to be used as Toll Roads

Internet based dynamic booking.

Speed Transit at hubs, core competency.

Reactions of IR.. have been quite positive.

Multimodal transport model of containers

Dedicated Freight Corridor: Increased axle load from 22.5 to 32.5tonnes. Lot of players in the game like GE, Bombardier, Adani logistics, Infinite Logistics(JV of Concor/reliance), Pipavav Railway Corp, Kutch Railway Corp, etc



  1. That’s a new one – should be very interesting from IRs point of view – particularly for the planners who want to rake in the moolah from freight – and also let us poor cousins travel free – subsidized by freight – though like sardines 🙂

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