Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

Quiz Main Round


A:  Vivek & Ajit

B: Ajai & PVS

C: Karan & John

D: Adwait & Sagar

E: Drs Mulky & Swami

F: Samit & Apu


6 rounds. first four for all teams. Normal rounds. 10points for correct answer. 30 secs for direct, 5 for indirect.

Round 1

1. What is common to these trains (list…)

2. Connect snaps and explain their relation… visual clue.

3. Neela, Anjana, Vrishabha of the sequence have been left out. Four others find their place in IR. Name the four and sequence.

4. Presented here is a case. What type of station is station 2? This is a visual.

5. Find missing loco shed:

ED 11111

Samastipur 13333

…. 16666

GTL 17777

…. 18888.

6. Study twin snaps and name station closest (visual)

Round 2

1. Identify the station: Gandhiji’s portrait. It was frequented by him.

2. Ratlam’s 17336 met with an accident when a bomb went off due to a disgruntled enggineer. WHere did this happen?

3. Identify this station modelled after a fort…

4. In 1944, deccan queen took 2hrs 45mins to break a record between BBVT/Poona. The train introduced in 1901 completed it with 3 reversals? Identify the train.

5. Who built this and what is this?

6. What has Bangalore based sw company Sunlux technologies to do with IR?

Round 3:

1. Until sometime ago, LPs kept small sized stones in locos. For what?

2. A sectional carriage is proceeding to be attached to rake in pic. Whats wrong in the pic?

3. Name the only loco to have/have had Bo-1 1-Bo arrangement of bogies?

4. Connect the snaps and explain their relation..

5. Long explanation.. will tell later..

6. Connect the 4 logos.

Round 4: Written round

Scores so far: A30, B35, C10, D0, E20 , F50 

1. 6344 PGT-TVC Amritha holds a record for shortest……….

2. record books again. ER 94101A was the first ever………

3. On Aug 22, 1994 the first WDM2C Gajraj Baldie rooled out of DLW> Five days later, something else rolled out. What?

4. In 2007 June, Shatabdi between NDLS-ASR and NDLS-KLK were the first trains to a get a composition of new kind of RCF coaches. Wat?

5. Variations of Thomas Edmonson’s invention are still in use in certain parts of IR network? What did he invent?

6. BAI WAG5 21322 is christened after a fictitious horse-cart driver from poular culture. What is it called?



  1. Scores so far?

  2. Come on guys – the DM2 is hot! Get yourself a P7 and catch up with Apu 🙂

  3. SCORES??????????? 😀 :S

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