Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

Quiz Prelims- Answers

1. Kanpur

2. Saddle Tank, Panier tank, Well rank

3. NMR. Rack n pinion railway

4. Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta

5. Arakkonam

6. 18040: 1st WDM2, 16887: last WDM2

7. WDP-4, WDG-4

8. Kharagpur

9. Catenary/OHE

10. CNG Multiple

11. Kolkata Trams

12. 22222 ED p4, 11111 ED dm3d

13. AC unit

14. Kharbude tunnel

15. Matsyagandha exp, 18230

16. Sleeper coach with Ladies Coupe

17. Brahmaputra Mail / Tinsukia Mail

18. WDM-1

19. Jyoti Basu

20. Zuari river



Dr Jitendra Mulky

Karan Desai

Vivek Pillay

Ajit Rao

Sagar Tipnis

Adwait Rajwade

PVS Praveen Kumar

Ajai Banerjee

Samit RoyChoudhury

Dr Swaminathan

John Mani

Apurva Bahadur(highest score 12)



  1. Well done Apurva!!!

  2. Thanks for the answers…and congrats to the finalists

  3. Great going – the dirty dozen are ready to slug it out for the ultimate prize….All the best.

  4. This one’s for Dr Mulky – Sometimes horrible ones too have a way of springing surprises – who knows, you might end up the winner today 🙂

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