Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

The IRFCA Quiz

Get Set ! The Quiz is gonna start any moment now…

You can send in your answers at the end of the First Round to .. just wait till all questions are announced!

First Round has 20 questions. 


Q1. Which was the last shed to home the WAG-4 class of locos?

 Q2. In steam locos, what do ST, WT and PT? Expand these.

Q3. Carl Roman Abt a swiss mech engg made an invention. Where can we find that?

Q4. This stn in SR is every railfans deligght. Code VKZ. Name the stn.

Q5. Identify the station from the visual >>

Q6. Whats the significance of 18040 and 16887 loco numbers?

Q7. G9, P5, P7 are three of 5 locos with 3phase AC traction motors. Name the other two.

Q8. …….., Sonepur, Lucknow, Vijayawada, Jhansi. Complete the sequence.

Q9. Its of constant tension type, made of copper-cadmium with a cross section varying from 157 to 165 sqmm, requires cantelivers, messengers and is 5.5m from ground.

Q10. What is the significance of the EMU from Shakurbasti being shown in the snap (visual Q)

Q11. Standard Guage 4’8.5″ is operational in only one place in India. Name.

Q12 Only 2 BG locos in India which have number consisting same digit like XXXXX or YYYYY. Name the sheds.

Q13. Which feature installed on the WDP-4 was removed by Hubli shed because they felt fuel consumption adversely?

Q14. Ambed, Bhirkond, Parchuri, ……….., banewadi, Tike, Math, berdewadi. Fill the blank and complete the sequence.

Q15. Visual Clue: identify the train. Road number of loco has additional points.

Q16. Standard Sleeper coaches are coded WGSCN, if its coded WGSCNY, what additional feature does it have?

Q17. The last Mail train was introduced in 1972. What is the Current name of the train?

Q18. The Alco DL-500 was christened as the ‘World Locomotive’ by Alco. What was it classified as in India?

Q19. 1n 1946, an electoral college was formed by the workers of Bengal Nagpur Railway (ex Assam) with valid voting papers. This was nown as Railway constituency and elected its MLA to Bengal legislative Assembly. Who was the first MLA?

Q20. Name the river on which the bridge is? (visual clue)

Now, go ahead and email the answers to within 20 mins. Cut off time 3PM IST.



  1. Get the questions coming. I am putting myself up for a prize – at least the prelims. Vrij, are you listening – Ranga’s [retty busy on stage, I suppose

  2. Ranga and Vrij – I have got 17/20 – can’t seem to remember what visuals we put in 🙂

  3. can we email the vote for the next convention?

  4. As you discuss the answers, get Dr Mulky to answer most of them – he just sent me an SMS saying the qs were horrible – Ranga – be the schoolmaster, get him up and answer all questions 🙂

  5. Phew!! A tough quiz. However a great compilation by quiz masters.

  6. OK – Just send me an SMS about the 12 who qualify for the finals pleeeeeeeeeease, Vrij. And also about how tough the prelims were!

  7. Total answer sheets corrected, Highest score, Lowest qualifying score please….

  8. Answers Please…

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