Posted by: The Blog Presenter | February 10, 2008

WCG-2: Workhorses of the Bhor!

By Ashish Kuvelkar and Poochi Venkat. Get ready for some scintillating stuff!

To be phased out in just about an year. Mumbai gang: get them on ur cams!

Sachin, Krishnakumar, Jayant, Hrishikesh also involved.

Bhor has a 1 in 37 gradient.

Awesome video presentation of the WCG-2 attaching itself at Karjat, banking till Lonavla and getting detached there.

Another video in KYN shed of fitment of shell onto the bogies using two cranes after an POH.

Awesome stuff folks.

Acknowledgements to IRIEEN, KYN shed, operating staff, LP & ALPs.



  1. Great beasts these WCG2..and great live blogging of CNB2008…thank you…waiting for the quiz live blog!!

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