Loco Roster

CNB2008: List of Persons Registered

The following locos can be spotted at CNB2008:

  • S Srinivas, Bangalore (+1 family, full event)
  • Dheeraj Sanghi, Kanpur (+1 family, full event)
  • Joydeep Dutta, Kanpur (+1 family, full event)
  • V Srinivas Prasad, Hyderabad (one day)
  • Jitendra K Mulky, Thane (+2 family, full event)
  • K Raghavendra Rao, Navi Mumbai (+1 family, full event)
  • Rahul Biswas, Kolkata (full event)
  • Manohar Natarajan, Chennai (full event)
  • Srinivas Kunapareddy, Rajahmundry (full event)
  • Rahul Ghosh, Delhi (full event)
  • Anamitra Ghatak, Mumbai (student, full event)
  • Samit Roychoudhury, Kolkata (+1 family, full event)
  • Buddhadeb Saha, Kolkata (full event)
  • Shubhabrata Chattopadhyay, Kolkata (full event)
  • Saurab Basu, Kolkata (full event)
  • Ajai Banerji, Jaipur (full event)
  • K Krishnakumar, Chennai (full event)
  • Ravi S, Hyderabad (full event)
  • S Ashwin, Pune (full event)
  • Shirish Yande, Pune (full event)
  • John Mani, Pune (full event)
  • Jayant Ramdasi, Pune (full event)
  • Apurva Bahadur, Pune (full event)
  • Ashish P Kuvelkar, Pune (full event)
  • Prakash Tendulkar, USA (full event)
  • T Pavan Kumar, Hyderabad (full event)
  • Shantanu Kulkarni, Kalyan (full event)
  • Abhishek Risbud, Mumbai (full event)
  • Akshay Marathe, Mumbai (student, full event)
  • AN Ramdev Gowda, Hubli (student, full event)
  • Sagar Tipnis, Thane (full event)
  • Sachin S Buddhisagar, Nasik (full event)
  • Amit Sadanshiv, Nasik (full event)
  • Jatin Prakash Bhavsar, Pune (full event)
  • Ajit Rao, Mumbai (full event)
  • Lalam B Mandavkar, Pune (full event)
  • Rajan K Joshi, Pune (full event)
  • R Harish Kumar, Chennai (full event)
  • Anish Niranjan, Nasik (full event)
  • Biswarup Basu, Bankura (one day)
  • Sandeep V Koparde, Pune (full event)
  • Karan R Desai, Mumbai (student, full event)
  • Gowri Sankar R, Chennai (full event)
  • Hari Prasad Reddy K, Hyderabad (full event)
  • Dilip K Setlur, Hyderabad (student, full event)
  • Abhishek Salian, Nashik (full event)
  • Sameer Deodhar, Pune (full event)
  • Rajeev Shrivastava, New Delhi (full event)
  • M V Lakshman Manikantan, Chennai (student, full event)
  • Adwait Rajwade, Chennai (full event)
  • Anand Krishnan, Chennai (full event)
  • Vikas Singh, Gurgaon (+1 family, full event)
  • S Jayakar, Vijayawada (full event)
  • Girish Gopalakrishnan, Pune (full event)
  • Ravi Sundararajan, Bangalore (full event)
  • Ranganath Eunny, Chennai (full event)
  • Nitin R Master, Mumbai (full event)
  • Krishna Kumar S, Chennai (student, full event)
  • Abhishek Vijay Waykole, Pune (full event)
  • Hrishikesh C Moghe, Pune (full event)
  • Gaurav Sarkar, Bangalore (full event)
  • V Surjit, Kolkata (student, full event)
  • Pravin Sathe, Mumbai (full event)
  • PVS Praveen Kumar, Hyderabad (full event)
  • Dr. Vrijilesh Rai, Hyderabad full event)
  • Sandeep Bhate, Mumbai (full event)
  • Amruta Bhate, Mumbai (full event)
  • Vivek Pillay, Thane (full event)
  • Colin Peter, Bangalore (full event)
  • S Venkat Raman, Chennai (full event)
  • Dr. G Swaminathan, Chennai (full event)
  • Syed Hussain, Lucknow (full event)
  • Vaibhav Sarin, New Delhi (full event)
  • Sandeep Sharma, New Delhi (full event)
  • Archit Goel, Pune (one day)
  • Seshadri, Chennai (full event)

Total registerations so far: 86

Regular Student Family
Full Event 65 8 10
One-day 3 0 0


  1. Considering the delegates regiatration, I think too less members have turned up. Registration was well over 150+ members but only 86 have actually made it.

  2. Lot of people from Mumbai have made it to CNB 2008. Hats off to you all!

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