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Thank You

Thank You CNB 2008,

We await SBC 2009 !

With this the Live CNB2008 Blog reaches its end. Answers to Quiz Finals will be up in a day or so. Photos will soon be up at the Uploads in the Gallery! This is Vrij signing off from CNB. Hope you enjoyed.

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And the Poll Winner is

The 2009 IRFCA Convention will be hosted by…..


VSP Sir makes the much awaited announcement!!!

Dr Dheeraj Sanghi makes a final presentation..

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Winners are:


Runners Up: PVS Praveen & Ajai Banerjee

Grand Winners: Apurva Bahadur & Samit RoyChoudhary

MSTS Driving Challenge Winner:

Akshay Marathe from Mumbai !! 

Blog Presenter Vrij is checking all your comments.. only that so much is going on, that I cant reply.

For the 2009 bid, Exit polls, sms poll gives a clear edge to Mumbai! But then thats only a minority!

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Himsagar – Journey of a lifetime !

By Moro & Shanx

Udhampur was the start.

Then to Jammu > Delhi > Bareilly > Jabalpur.

JBP > ET in Patna-Purna exp.

ET > Chindwara > NGP > MMR

MMR> Pune


9 days, 5662kms, 3 guages, 9 zones, 21 divisions, 11 states.

35litres of beer, 41 litres of water.

A video presentation of the same..

Video still on! Amazing..

VSP, Sachin, Old Man join them on the way!

So the two have finally reached CAPE!

Sridhar ur vote has not yet come in. SMS it 2 Ranga, just in case.

One vote per person!

Suspense still in place for winners of quiz and the bid.. keep the votes coming in.

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Pitch for XXX2009 !

Pitching for the next convention is on now. VSP is the Chief Election Officer.

First pitch by SBC team. Order decided by toss of coin.

SBC Chapter makes an initial video presentation!

Mr Srinivas speaks…

Now Mumbai gang presents its case..

Nitin Master speaks…

Raghavendra Rao speaks..

Voting starts soon…

Send in ur sms votes to +91 98853 57014 with your vote and name. Bangalore or Mumbai.

Quiz and 2009 bid winners have not yet been announced.. will be in a few minutes..

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Final 2 Rounds

3 teams will be eliminated at this stage.

F86 B51 C34 E32 A30 D4.  So bye to E, A, D teams.

Round 5.

1. How did the term ‘Slip Coaches’ come into existance?

2. What is the name given to the contraption in the snap.

3. What does V notch at end of semaphore signal signify?

Round 6: Final round

1. MG train approaching a signal before a bride. What additional feature is seen?

2. BEML began building coaches in 70s after the coach building business was hived off from another PSU. Which PSU was that?

3. Connect 3 snaps in the slide..


And the winners will be declared after a short tea break!

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Quiz Main Round


A:  Vivek & Ajit

B: Ajai & PVS

C: Karan & John

D: Adwait & Sagar

E: Drs Mulky & Swami

F: Samit & Apu


6 rounds. first four for all teams. Normal rounds. 10points for correct answer. 30 secs for direct, 5 for indirect.

Round 1

1. What is common to these trains (list…)

2. Connect snaps and explain their relation… visual clue.

3. Neela, Anjana, Vrishabha of the sequence have been left out. Four others find their place in IR. Name the four and sequence.

4. Presented here is a case. What type of station is station 2? This is a visual.

5. Find missing loco shed:

ED 11111

Samastipur 13333

…. 16666

GTL 17777

…. 18888.

6. Study twin snaps and name station closest (visual)

Round 2

1. Identify the station: Gandhiji’s portrait. It was frequented by him.

2. Ratlam’s 17336 met with an accident when a bomb went off due to a disgruntled enggineer. WHere did this happen?

3. Identify this station modelled after a fort…

4. In 1944, deccan queen took 2hrs 45mins to break a record between BBVT/Poona. The train introduced in 1901 completed it with 3 reversals? Identify the train.

5. Who built this and what is this?

6. What has Bangalore based sw company Sunlux technologies to do with IR?

Round 3:

1. Until sometime ago, LPs kept small sized stones in locos. For what?

2. A sectional carriage is proceeding to be attached to rake in pic. Whats wrong in the pic?

3. Name the only loco to have/have had Bo-1 1-Bo arrangement of bogies?

4. Connect the snaps and explain their relation..

5. Long explanation.. will tell later..

6. Connect the 4 logos.

Round 4: Written round

Scores so far: A30, B35, C10, D0, E20 , F50 

1. 6344 PGT-TVC Amritha holds a record for shortest……….

2. record books again. ER 94101A was the first ever………

3. On Aug 22, 1994 the first WDM2C Gajraj Baldie rooled out of DLW> Five days later, something else rolled out. What?

4. In 2007 June, Shatabdi between NDLS-ASR and NDLS-KLK were the first trains to a get a composition of new kind of RCF coaches. Wat?

5. Variations of Thomas Edmonson’s invention are still in use in certain parts of IR network? What did he invent?

6. BAI WAG5 21322 is christened after a fictitious horse-cart driver from poular culture. What is it called?

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Quiz Prelims- Answers

1. Kanpur

2. Saddle Tank, Panier tank, Well rank

3. NMR. Rack n pinion railway

4. Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta

5. Arakkonam

6. 18040: 1st WDM2, 16887: last WDM2

7. WDP-4, WDG-4

8. Kharagpur

9. Catenary/OHE

10. CNG Multiple

11. Kolkata Trams

12. 22222 ED p4, 11111 ED dm3d

13. AC unit

14. Kharbude tunnel

15. Matsyagandha exp, 18230

16. Sleeper coach with Ladies Coupe

17. Brahmaputra Mail / Tinsukia Mail

18. WDM-1

19. Jyoti Basu

20. Zuari river



Dr Jitendra Mulky

Karan Desai

Vivek Pillay

Ajit Rao

Sagar Tipnis

Adwait Rajwade

PVS Praveen Kumar

Ajai Banerjee

Samit RoyChoudhury

Dr Swaminathan

John Mani

Apurva Bahadur(highest score 12)

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Logistics boom and changing face of Indian Railways – Anamitra Ghatak



Logistics boom and IR

SME – customers

Industry requirements from IR

Operational Trendz of freight movements

Roadways took a share of freight load : GQ of national highways

Emergence of Organised retail.

Vertical Integration by Industry players. NTPC owns hopper, ACC owns special cement rakes.

SMEs: The nextgen evolving customers. Govt projects 4digit growth pattern.

Efficient transport system is an integral part of economy development.

Priority of Hot links b/w industry site <–> Port

Solution: Hub-n-spoke model

Quite detailed explanations of how Hub2hub and hub2industry solutions

Future: BG rails are to be used as Toll Roads

Internet based dynamic booking.

Speed Transit at hubs, core competency.

Reactions of IR.. have been quite positive.

Multimodal transport model of containers

Dedicated Freight Corridor: Increased axle load from 22.5 to 32.5tonnes. Lot of players in the game like GE, Bombardier, Adani logistics, Infinite Logistics(JV of Concor/reliance), Pipavav Railway Corp, Kutch Railway Corp, etc

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GPS -Ravi Sunderrajan

GPS = Global Positioning System

Provides Speeds, direction of movement, tracking of movement, celestial positions)

GPS Unit (Garmin Map 76 – CS, Ravi’s unit) provides base map of the unit – major cities, major rivers , water bodies, airport , rail routes

 Can upload tracked data to Google Earth Plus –

Requires minimum 3 GPS satellites- Uses Time triangulation concept.

Limitations –

Needs satellites LOS – at least 3 of them

Elevation not accurate at high speeds ( in planes)

Inside train/plane signal reception is week.

Special external antenna for car or non a/c tracking

Does not provide granular city maps.

Base map works only in APAC region

Application of GPS unit:

Tracking of movement

Rail fanning – Train speed, route tracking and recording

Analysis – More on this later.

Air fanning – Flight path tracking; mixed acceptance from pilots – some allow, some deny, some are hesitant to allow GPS on their planes.


Speed on Y axis – distance on X – Axis – Train – 2314 – NDLS – SDAH Rajdhani – Graph shows speed V/s distance plot

Another graph on NZM – SBC Rajdhani from NGP to SBC. 

Analysis – Comparision of speeds by various trains on various sections. Faster speeds need not neccesarily translate to shorter travel times.

Track elavation graphs can also be plotted . Altitude on Y – Axis (Metres) & Distance (In Kms) on X – Axis.   Satellite view of MAS – SBC section (GPS view of the section uploaded on Google Earth)

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